The M.A. in Communication program prepares graduates to pursue communication doctoral studies, research positions in industry, and advanced teaching or professional careers. Our program blends social-scientific and humanistic research with communication theory in the areas of strategic communication and media, technology, and society. We introduce our students to a diverse selection of theoretical and methodological perspectives, with a focus on research in every class. Faculty strengths in digital, political, strategic, rhetorical, and organizational communication enrich student learning and career readiness.

Plan of Study

     The plan of study outlines the requirements to complete the M.A. in Communication at Virginia Tech. This involves two aspects:

1) Completion of at least 36 hours with a 3.0 GPA

2) Completion of an original research project, your thesis

So what do those requirements mean for you?



     The second major requirement for completing the M.A. in Communication is the thesis project. Virginia Tech’s Department of Communication does not offer a non-thesis option for the M.A. program.

     We provide our students with plenty of opportunities for help and set you up for success.



     The Department of Communication at Virginia Tech has outstanding, dedicated, and friendly faculty. Our faculty primarily focus their research in two broad domains: strategic communication and media, technology, and society. Learn more about them and figure out who you might want to work with.


Where are they now?

     Find out what some of our former grad students have been doing with their M.A. and what they have to say about their M.A. experience