Graduate students may competitively apply for full funding through graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) in our nationally-recognized program.

Since 2010 our program has funded a majority of our students

Graduate Teaching Assistantships Include:

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Requirements:

-A nine-month stipend (salary)

-Full time enrollment

-Tuition waiver

-20 hours of work per week

-Health insurance eligibility

-Teaching focus for most students

     Contracts are for one year with the option to be renewed. The majority of our graduate students receive funding for two years.

     To apply for funding consideration, select YES on your application to indicate you want to be considered for a teaching assistantship


     Unless otherwise specified, graduate teaching assistants  (GTAs) receive stipends for teaching undergraduate public speaking courses. Opportunities for other assistantships  that involve other campus units may also be available. Speak with the graduate director about these options.

     At this time, we do not offer research assistantships, but you are encouraged to pursue research with faculty members.

     Students are responsible for non-academic fees.

     We strongly encourage graduate students to attend regional and national conferences to present their work. Partial and full funding opportunities for conference travel are available.

     Additional information for international students can be found here.